Believing in Spring

In this last week before daylight savings pushes the clocks ahead, it is a good time to take notice that we are averaging about fifteen minutes before we have a full 12 hour day of sunlight. Each day naturally expands the hours of sun exposure, but with a gentleness that may take some of us by surprise when summer starts to take the sunshine back to autumn. Even with night chill and cool mornings, trees are budding, daffodils are breaching the soil and migrating birds have returned, anxiously building their nests. The energy of change is all around as COVID19 vaccines make their way into the population and the number of new infections appears to have flattened. Our climate has changed, and our acumen for socializing will forever be altered.

The invisible virus, carried and distributed through millions of people all over the world, has set foot in our physical system and our collective psyche. But what does that all mean to each of us, as individuals? Only that the age-old understanding of life is that our ‘understanding’ is in constant flux, and change is the only true constant. Learning new ways to navigate through life is oftentimes frustrating, if not down right irritating. It may be that is a resistance to the inevitable laws of nature and readjusting our mindset will help open pathways to learning that are not available when emotions run high against the reality of change.

It is my observation that many moments are lost not recognizing and focusing on how we are individually impacted by the events around us. Taking the time to process through those developments and acknowledge their emotional impact tends to “free up” psychological space to handle new and emerging situations. We must give ourselves permission to allow the process to take place; say “no” to too many obligations, which often function as distractions. Distractions are a great way to feel good for a moment, but ignoring the internal journey provides a foreboding that grows with the feeling of neglect. We should find the time to process and sort out our thoughts. In knowing that we can adjust our lives to the different demands that change brings, we reinforce our confidence in the self and continue to build upon what brought us to our being today. It starts with believing that we can.

So as we embrace the season of renewal and celebrate the coming of spring, it’s a good time to infuse our thoughts with a similar welcome of growth and not only accept the challenges of our ever-changing lives, but understand that we are always transitioning both internally and externally.

Enjoy the music of life all around and as the Bill Evans tune is entitled: “You Must Believe In Spring”.

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